Stained Glass Simpsons

Il Momento Della Morte (The Moment of Death)

Artist Joseph Cavalieri has created a series of seven stained glass panels depicting the Simpsons.
"The idea was to comment on the demise of American culture, and how we are no longer world leaders. The old standard of Uncle Sam was way too overused. Fitting with the history of stained glass I planned to place him on the cross, but it looked like some old dude up there, my message was about American now, not 100 years ago. I considered what symbol of American society is know around the world, and then it hit me, the lovable yet mischievous Bart Simpson."
Demise of American culture? I see it as another step in turing the Simpsons into religious cannon.   (Link via Cartoon Brew)

La Morte Al Campo Giochi (Death to the playground)

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  1. This is all sorts of awesome, especially for an art history geek.

  2. I thought you might appreciate this one.